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The Traffic Stop

There is much to know about the initial traffic stop if you have been drinking. Many of the most important decisions in a DUI case are front-loaded into the first few seconds, and how you respond may make all the difference in whether you are charged or convicted. 

DUI investigations are very complicated. The police often make mistakes which may ultimately cause a case to be reduced or dropped. So it is important to know what to say and do--or more importantly, what NOT to say and do. 

Why We're Different

Board Certification as a DUI Specialist by the National College for DUI Defense. Formal NHTSA Certification as an Instructor of the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests given by police in DUI cases. Formal training as a NHTSA Drug Recognition Evaluator. ("Drug Evaluation & Classification") Formal training to operate the Intoxilyzer 8000, Florida's official breath test instrument. Extensive experience in teaching other attorneys how to handle DUI cases. Hundreds of jury trials both as defense lawyer and as prosecutor.