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All About Ignition Interlocks

All about Ignition Interlocks

Certain drivers who are convicted of DUI in Florida are required to have an "Ignition Interlock" installed on their car.  This occurs after a second or subsequent DUI conviction, or if the person is convicted of driving with a breath alcohol over .15 or with a minor in the car.  

If your license has a "P" restriction, then you need an ignition interlock if you drive.  

Most courts electronically report DUI convictions to the department. The court order should reflect both the time of suspension and the interlock requirement. Please check with your clerk of court to verify that the electronic reporting from your court includes this ignition interlock requirement.


Indigency Guidelines

If the court determines that the convicted person is unable to pay for the installation of the ignition interlock device, the court may order that a portion of the fine paid by the person for a violation of section 316.193 be allocated to defray the costs of installing the device. [s.316.1937(2)(d), Florida Statutes]

Basic Specifications of the Device

  • Fuel cell technology
  • Prevents the start of the vehicle with breath sample above 0.025
  • Equipped with rolling retest capable of random testing while the car is running
  • Data collected through web-based reporting with access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Strictly user funded
  • Able to record and store visual evidence of device use

There are three official providers of interlock devices.  They are:

  1. ALCOLOCK      1-866-837-8646        Model #: Alcolock LR
  2. Smart Start                 1-800-880-3394        Model #: SSI 2030
  3. Guardian             1-800-499-0994        Model #: AMS

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