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North Port, Florida

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North Port, Florida is located in the very southern tip of Sarasota County.  In fact, it was originally a part of a development which was mainly located in Charlotte County.  In 1974, the City of North Port Charlotte officially declared its independence from Port Charlotte and changed its name to North Port.  It is a sprawling city with many large residential developments.

Welcome to North Port

Among the notable attractions of North Port is Warm Mineral Springs, which has for decades attracted tourists from all over the world to its... well, to its warm mineral springs.  In addition, it is conveniently located minutes from Punta Gorda, with its fleet of fishing boats which head out into the gulf every morning.

DUI offenses which occur in North Port are usually heard at the South County Courthouse, which is located at 4000 South Tamiami Trail in Venice.  One problem which can arise is that DUI suspects are usually transported to the main North County Courthouse in Sarasota.  It can be quite a problem if the police have impounded your car and seized your drivers license, and then transported you for booking to a jail which is 30 miles away.  If you get released from jail in Sarasota, it's a long cab ride (and a longer walk) back to North Port.

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